Central Library

The College Central Library is a connecting link between teaching and learning as well as place which supplements its resources what is beyond scope of class room and its 17 educational departments. Central library plays an important role in the educational history of both the students as well as for the faculty members. It also has reading place for its users to support teaching and learning. The library is well equipped with computers for its users for searching online information as well as by providing specific print information during their need.

Presently the library has more than 14000+ books in General as per accession register. Total number printed journals subscribed are 11 as per accession register. E-Books and E-journals are subscribed through INFLIBNET N-List Consortia. Our library is partially automated. Cataloguing and circulation system is automated. Library runs on Koha Integrated Library System. In the library, Web OPAC  is available to search bibliographic records of library resources via college website at anytime from anywhere. The ultimate goal of this Web-based Online Public Access Catalogue (WEBOPAC) is to enable users to browse library collection online beyond the physical boundary of the college. Wi-Fi infrastructure has already been in place recently.

Services and Facilities
  • Computerized lending facility. Honors students can borrow maximum two books for 07 days. General Students can only borrow one book at a time for 07 days
  • Reference services such as daily newspapers, weekly competitive books for careers and job purpose, careers related weekly news.
  • Internet facility through Wi-fi to access e-resource and download study material from the internet.
  • New arrival services and Current awareness Services through Library Facebook Page and Library Notice board to get updated about the new arrivals of books and journals and upcoming events, programmes happening inside the library.
  • The Library has reading space inside it. The students and faculties may use the reading facilities during library hours.
  • Web OPAC searching facility is available online 24*7 hours on the College website.

Library Membership

Every students, teaching and non teaching staff of the college are the library members. Students after getting admission has to bring 2 passport size photograph and payment of college fees receipt every semester in order to obtain/updation of the library card and services from library.

Library Timing
  • Open on 10.30 A.M and closes on 5 P.M (Monday – Friday)
    • Student must submit requisition of the book to library staff for lending
    • Book Selection by the students for home lending (11 am to 2pm)
    • Book issue time (11 am to 2pm)
    • Book return time ( 11am to 5pm)
    • Library Reading Room (10.30 am to 5pm)

  • Open on 10.30 A.M and closes on 2 P.M (Saturday)
    • Book return time (11pm to 2 pm)
    • Library Reading Room (10.30 am to 2pm)
    • No lssue on Saturday

  • Library Charges
    • For books – @1Rs./day for late submission
    • For Loss of Library Card – Rs. 10/ per card

  • Complete discipline and silence should be maintained in the library.
  • Cell phones should be put on silence/off mode inside the library.
  • No bags and personal belongings are allowed inside library.
  • Foods and drinks are not allowed inside the library.
  • Books must be checked for damage before lending. Any damage found should be reported to the librarian and other library staff immediately.
  • In case of loss or damage of documents, the issuer to whom the book had been last issued shall be liable for replacement of the lost/ damaged book/ documents.
  • Loss of library cards must be reported immediately. Duplicate library card may be issued on payment of Rs. 10.
  • Library cards are non-transferable.
  • Honors students can borrow maximum two books for 07 days. General Students can only borrow one book at a time for 07 days.
  • In case of delay in return of books an overdue fine of Rs. 1/- per working day will be charged.
  • The library card is returnable after each semester for renewal and finally when the student leaves college.
  • The process of stock verification is done in every summer. Users should return their books before stock verification.


Phone No.



Balurghat, West Bengal 733101, India