First meeting of ad-hoc Governing Body on 06-10-1986, then Second meeting of ad-hoc Governing Body decided to formal opening on 14 Nov 1986.

Smt Pranati Majumdar joined as first lecturer against government approved post on 24.1.1987.
Sri Debesh Chakraborty, Sri Samarendranath  Raha,Sri Ganesh Choudhury, Sri Pradip Kr. Roy, Sri Bidyut Kr Ghosh, Sri Kailas Rabidas, Sri Bikash Dutta, joined as office staff on 11.8.1988.

Students enrolment 1986-1987 First Year 38(Male) 08(Female), Second Year 19(Male) 08(Female).

Dr Dhrendra Kumar Das, Joined as First Principal on 12-6-1995.

First Affiliation  Of Elective subjects – English, Bengali, Sociology, Education, Economics, Political Science on 21-10-1986..



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Balurghat, West Bengal 733101, India