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  1. Name of the department : DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY
  2. Year of Establishment : 1970 AD, Honours Affiliation in 2000 AD
  3. Names of Programmes / Courses offered : UG (Honours and General)
  4. Annual/ semester/choice based credit system (programme wise) : choice based credit system
  5. Objective :
    1. Principal objective is to impart proper historical knowledge to the student.
    2. To make the student responsible to the society and country.
    3. To mate the student self dependent and confident.
  6. Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, specialization,
    Name Qualification Designation Specialization No. of years of experience No. of Ph.D
    Mr Sankar Sarkar M.A. Assistant Professor History of Modern India 7 years Nil
    Mr Rocket Sarkar M.A. SACT History of Medieval India 10years Nil
  7. Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized:
    a) National: No
    b) International: No
    c) Special Lecture: 01
  8. Details of Infrastructural facilities
    a. Library: Yes
    b. Internet facilities for Staff & Students: Yes
    c. Class rooms with ICT facility: Yes with Audio System
    d. Laboratories: No
  9. co-curricular Activities :

    The students of the department take part in game and sports as well as in cultural events. They actively participate in NSS Programme of the college unit. Every year the departmental students arrange teacher’s day. They published a wall magazine every year.

  10. Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning:
    a. Lecture
    b. Smart class room
  11. Number of Student
    Course Sem I Sem II Sem IV
    Honours 22 18 13
    General 33 64

  12. Future Plan :
    a) Introducing remedial class for the weaker students
    b) Organising more seminar, special lectures
    c) Arranging of Educational tour
    d) Observation of historically important days.


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Balurghat, West Bengal 733101, India